At the Heart of It All


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  1. Lover ID 04:14

  2. Street Corner Singer 03:59

  3. He Doesn't Know 03:08

  4. False Heart 03:49

  5. The eX Files (For Divorce) 02:52

  6. Don't Try to Walk on Water 03:17

  7. Never Say Always 03:07

  8. Soft Time of the Day 03:45

  9. Man from New Mexico 02:51

  10. We're Not Alone 03:49

  11. The Heart of It All 02:34

1. Lover ID

There's a message on the phone that says "I love you."
It came in 'bout a quarter past three.
But I don't know the voice on the answering machine,
So, I don't know who loves me.

Well, it might be somebody from the neighborhood,
Or a voice from across the sea.
But, they didn't leave a number, so I can't call back,
And what I really need is Lover ID.

Oh, with Lover ID, you can tell who called,
You'll know if it's a secret love.
With Lover ID, you'll know the owner of the number,
Whose affection you're the object of.

Well, it might be a voice from the distant past,
Or somebody that I met to day,
An old flame from school or a new flirt from lunch,
Can't imagine who would torture me this way.

Or someone who's too shy, to tell me face to face,
Somebody who's a lot like me,
Someone whom I've waited for all my life,
And what I really need is Lover ID


Well, I tried star six nine, but the last call that came,
Was from someone who called at six,
Wish I had a little box that keeps track of the calls,
So I could see who was on the list.

Don't know who loves me, 'nuff to tell me so,
Even though it was anonymously,
I know somebody loves me, but I don't know who,
And what I really need is Lover ID.

Well, the phone is ringin', got my key in the door,
Tryin' to open it as fast as I can,
I run through the hall, droppin' groceries on the floor,
And grab the phone with my shakin' hand.

And a voice so sweet, I recognize at once,
As the one who said loves me.
But the voice said "Sorry, I got the wrong number."
Oh, I wish I had Lover ID.


Oh, with Lover ID, you can tell who called,
If the number's right or if it's wrong.
I woulda known a lot sooner who was callin' me up,
And I wouldn't be singin' this song.

2. Street Corner Singer

Horace Greeley said “Go west young man.
There's a fortune to be found.”
So I loaded my guitar into my old car.
And I headed for the Puget Sound.

Lookin' out of this hotel window
All I can see is the rain.
Seems like that's all it's done in Seattle,
Since I drove here from Maine.
Not really sure why I came here.
With just a guitar and some clothes.
Didn't come here for a sun tan
That much heaven knows.

And I can't wait to go down to the corner.
Get away from these walls.
But it's hard to be a street corner singer,
When the rain falls and falls.

I remember thinking maybe,
Far away from my home,
I'd set up on some street corner, maybe,
Try things out on my own.
Thought I might go down to Pike Street.
Set up by the stalls.
Didn't want to get my guitar wet
When the rain drops fall.


This afternoon, the rain stopped falling.
Sun started to shine.
Wonderin' if it's still rainin'
Back in Seattle, so far behind.

Lookin' out of this car windshield
All I can see are the cars.
Just another blur on the Ventura Freeway.
Among the wannabe stars.
I keep dreamin' that I'll get discovered,
While I'm singin' my songs,
But it's hard to make your dreams come true.
When you dream all day long.

Bank account says I'm low on money,
Awful short on fame,
Wonderin' if my old job's still open,
Back home in Maine.

Where I… Spend my days in the shipping department,
Over at LL Bean.
Nights I sing my songs to the shoppers,
Hey, it's not what I dreamed.
But it's fun to be a street corner singer.
Folks seem to like my style.
But if they tell me I should head for Nashville,
I shake my head and smile
Or if they say I don't belong in Freeport,
I shake my head and smile.

3. He Doesn’t Know

He doesn't know that it's over.
He doesn't think that they're through.
He doesn't realize tomorrow,
She'll be with somebody new.
He can't believe that she'd leave him,
Can't believe she's movin’ on.
He doesn't realize he's losing,
The only love he's ever known.

Well maybe later he'll cry,
When he understands why,
And the teardrops start to flow down his face.
But for now, he is lost,
By the love his pride cost,
And the memories he'll never replace.

He doesn't know that it's over.
He's heard that time heals all pain,
He didn't know how much he hurt her,
Why she left on that train.
He thought that love was a contest,
A game of words he could choose,
He didn't know that by winning,
He had so much to lose.


But for now, he is lost,
By the love his pride cost,
And the memories he'll never replace.

4. False Heart

Sometimes the moon draws shadows
'Cross the fields where daydreams play,
And slumbering little valleys,
Where heartaches stalk by day.
There is something about the moonlight,
That can lull a lonely heart,
That promises tomorrow,
Can bring a fresh new start.

Wait until the sun shines brightly,
And the moon has left the skies,
Let the warmth of day caress you,
Look into your lover's eyes.
Only then confess "I love you,"
Only then dare to believe.
For the night can hide a false heart,
Do not let the moon deceive.

But when sunrise brings its pure light,
The illusions start to fade,
And the castles built at midnight,
Show the clouds of which they're made.
Eerie wispy ghosts of moonlight,
Patchwork darkness camouflage,
Shifting, fleeting, empty promises,
Simply gone, a sad mirage.


Someone somewhere softly whispers,
That their love will persevere,
Someone's out there somewhere lying,
Saying words you long to hear.
Do not let the moonlight tempt you,
For it flees as ere it came,
When the evening whispers love songs,
Hold your heart, don't play the game.


For the night can hide a false heart,
Do not let the moon deceive.

5. The X-Files (for Divorce)

With white lace and promises, we both said "I do."
But, like Mulder and Scully, I’m sure that we both knew,
Some alien affection, might someday come our ways,
But after only seven years, she said she needed space.

She left me for another, after only seven years,
My heart had been abducted, I could not hold back the tears,
I'm not quite sure whose fault it was, it could be mine, of course.
And I won't feel vindicated, ‘til my eX Files for divorce.

Our first few years were nice enough, at least that's what I thought.
But she was in another world, not doin’ what she ought.
I thought that she was happy, ‘til she up and disappeared,
Lookin’ back I shoulda seen she was acting kinda weird.


I heard from her family, they claim she's doing fine.
She's got a great new husband but I think that they're just tryin’
To cover up the fact that she can't seem to settle down,
It doesn't take the F B I, to know she's running 'round,


A notice in the paper, this morning caught my eye.
Seven years to the very day, she walked out of my life.
Her second marriage over now, as she plots another course,
It's strangely vindicating when your eX Files for divorce.

She left him for another, after only seven years,
His heart has been abducted, and he can't hold back the tears,
I'm not quite sure whose fault it was, it could be his of course,
But he'll feel vindicated, when his eX Files for divorce.
He'll sure feel vindicated, when his eX Files for divorce.
Oh he'll feel vindicated, when his eX Files for divorce.

6. Don’t Try to Walk on Water

The old man's words come back to me.
He warned me not to play,
With love as if it were a game,
Living only for today.
Remember that redemption,
Is waiting up ahead,
And what you to do unto others,
Can be done unto you instead.

Don't try to walk on water if you never learned to swim,
It's okay to climb a tree, but avoid those pesky limbs,
Don't bungee jump without a net, if you never learned to fly,
Don't go falling into love if you never learned to cry.

The old man's words fell on deaf ears,
For I was twenty-three,
"What makes that old man think that he,
Knows more 'bout love than me?"
And so I hopped from love to love,
Scorning his advice,
Not caring what he said or meant,
Nor even thinking twice.


Then one day it happened,
Just like grandpa said it would.
A woman stirred my very soul,
Just like no other could.
But she loved me and she left me,
Like I'd done a hundred times.
But this time when the love was gone,
The broken heart was mine.


The old man's words came back to me.
He said "Love's not a game."
He said that if I played that way,
I'd be the one to blame.
He told me that redemption,
Was waiting up ahead,
And what I did unto others,
Got done unto me instead.


7. Never Say Always

I do not mean to contradict you,
Or to doubt the words you say,
But, by the way you hesitate,
It doesn't seem
Like you really meant "forever,"
When you said those vows to me.
So if this really is goodbye,
Say what you mean.

And never say always,"
When your heart says, there's no chance.
And always say "never,"
When there's no hope for romance.
Don't keep sayin' maybe,
When you really mean "No."
Just tell me "Goodbye,"
And turn 'round and go.

You say you did not mean to hurt me,
Or to scorn this love of mine.
But, your careless love is breaking
Us in two.
Now I'm wondering, if our love has,
Simply run, out of time.
Tell me now so, I can start,
Not loving you.


You say there's always tomorrow,
But tomorrow never comes.
And your yesterdays brought
Only pain.
The kindest thing would be to tell me,
Not to keep me hangin' on.
So tell me now so I am free to love again.


8. Soft Time of the Day

The morning light comes through the window,
And softly caresses your face.
Your eyelids flutter, and you retreat,
To a pillow trimmed with lace.
You heave a gentle sigh that says,
You know the morn is nigh.
And slowly waken from your slumber,
And carefully crack one eye.

And it's the soft time of the day,
For hugs and gentle voices,
For saying "I love you,"
And to start the day anew.

Through that open eye you peek,
To see the face of time.
In your heart, you hope that it,
Will say 'Sleep on,' all’s fine.
But, that mean ole clock says it's getting late,
So, out of bed you roll,
To face the day, but first a hug,
That comforts heart and soul.


Morning comes and noontime goes,
And the clock slowly winds down,
Then the daylight fades away,
And the night time rolls around.
Moonlight streaming through the window,
Paints silver on your face,
Your eyelids close, and you retreat,
To a pillow trimmed with lace.

And it's the soft time of the night,
For hugs and gentle voices,
For drifting off to dreams,
As a sleepy heart rejoices.
Rejoicing in a love that grows,
With every night and day,
Rejoicing in a love you know,
Is ever meant to stay.

And it's the soft time of the day,
For hugs and gentle voices,
For saying "I love you,"
And to start the day
We're gonna start the love,
We're gonna start the love anew.

9. Man From New Mexico

I've got a little problem, but it's bothersome,
As little problems go.
You see I come from Santa Fe,
Down in New Mexico.
New Mexico's pretty big you know,
It's our fifth largest state.
It was invaded by Europe in sixteen-ten
And later by my great great.
It became a state in nineteen-twelve,
The forty-seventh of fifty.
And even though it was in all the papers,
You'd think it was some big mystery.
My saga starts back in ninety five,
When I tried to get tickets to Atlanta.
The summer Olympics were a comin' up fast,
But the lady on the phone said "You can't, duh"
I told her I had a MasterCard,
Visa and American Express,
Diner's Club, and Discovery, too,
But she said with some distress.
"I'm sorry, but we can't take orders, you see.
From outside the U S.
I'm sure if you'll call your own country's office,
They can sell you tickets for less."
Well, I tried to explain, but she said "Sorry,"
So, I spoke to her supervisor, Bob,
And Bob said, with a straight-faced phone voice,
"Don't yell, she's just doing her job."
"We have an international deal, you see,
I'd sell you tickets if I could,
But you see that'd be cheating your own country's office,
And that certainly wouldn't be good."
"So, be a good fellow, I'll give you the number, If you'll tell me your area code.
I can look in my computer, it'll tell me the number, That's closest to your abode."
"Okay," I sighed, with some resignation, It starts with five o five."
Just a minute sir while I look that up, let's see now five, here's five.
Are you ready to write, sir? Here's the number, it starts with four o four.
Wait a minute, that sounds familiar. "It's ours!" he said, "Good Lord!"
I've been trying to tell you for the past two hours, that New Mexico's a state.
Will you take my order now?" He said, "I'm sorry, we're closed. Too late!"
So, if you come from a real strange place, like Pierre or El Paso
Keep in mind when it comes to geography, some folks are kind of slow.
If they don't believe you're in the U S tell 'em "Yes, that's true, I know."
"I'm the Ambassador to New Mexico, but my home's in Ohio."
"I'm the Ambassador to New Mexico, but my home's in Ohio."

10. We’re Not Alone

We're not alone, there's a universe of possibilities.
We're not alone, there must be another place with hills and trees.
Another world with hopes and dreams, that others call their home.
I just know in my heart we're not alone.

Did you ever spend an hour, just gazing at the sky?
Watching shooting stars, and other worlds whiz by?
Did you ever sit and wonder, if someone's out there wondering too,
Wondering if in fact they're not alone.

Chorus (heart)

Did you ever take a moment, to think about it all?
How there's six billion people, living on this big green ball?
It seems somehow unlikely, that the Earth's the only one
I just know in my mind we're not alone.

Chorus (mind)

Did you ever stop to wonder, if somewhere there might be,
Others who have struggled, and are yearning to be free?
Do they also cherish justice, and celebrate their love?
I just know in my soul we're not alone.

Chorus (soul)

Chorus (heart, mind, soul)

11. The Heart of It All

From the moment you're born,
With every beat of your heart,
There's an endless flow,
Of love and you know
Each of us is a part.
When you wake in the morn,
And you see the sun rise,
Drawing strength from the love,
And the light from above.
Then you realize (that)

It begins with the heart,
When you answer love's call.
And the reason we give,
And the reason we live,
Is for the heart of it all.
Repeat Chorus

Every road that you choose,
Every path that you take,
Every day, every night
How you live your life,
Is a choice you make.
Every heart that you lift,
Every burden you ease,
Every hand that you hold,
Are the ways that your soul,
Helps the world find peace. (And,)


I don't know if the answer,
Can ever be found.
But, the justice we seek,
And the truth that we speak,
Are our common ground.
In that moment of truth,
We must answer the call.
Go wherever love goes,
Letting everyone know,
It's for the heart of it all.

Chorus (Twice)

And the reason we give
And the reason we live,
Is for the heart of it all.

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